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I have to admit something. I’m not good at writing a book and blogging at the same time. And doing other paid work. And being a mother to three active YoungAprons. Now that I’ve revealed my deep, dark secret I turn my attention to making burgoo to freeze for my son’s 1st Communion/Kentucky Derby Party. We like to kill two parties in one day. Then I hope to work on my manuscript for said cookbook and get TeenApron out the door for a double-header Lacrosse game.

About the Burgoo: it freezes well and tastes even better reheated than on the day it’s made. Consider this recipe Kentucky’s nod to Brunswick Stew. Traditionally made over a fire and with game meat, mine is made with three readily available meats: beef, lamb, and chicken and an assortment of vegetables. This rich, hearty stew feeds a crowd, although I plan to make a double batch.


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