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Monday- Ground Beef Chili, Salad, and of course cooked pasta (ditalini today) for the chili-mac fans in our family. We leave the mac separate.

Tuesday – Hot Wings, Onion Rings, Sweet Potato Fries, Celery Sticks, Blue Cheese Dressing, Birthday Cake, Ice Cream (LittleApron birthday)

Wednesday – Leftover chili and hot wings.

Thursday – Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry with Spinach, Brown Rice

Friday – Cheese Quesadillas, Salsa, Curly Fries, Soda for the kids (keeping it real here. I cannot tell a lie)

Saturday -Home-grilled hamburgers with avocado and grilled red , leftover curly fries, Bluegrass Breeze cocktail

Sunday – Cola Pot Roast, Lemon Broccoli, Buttermilk Biscuits

Why I do this?

Photo of a barn on the Kentucky Quilt Trail


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ISBN and Amazon

When my book was assigned an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and listed on Amazon I knew the forces of nature that ultimately push a book to completion were in full swing. I felt a surge of pride when I clicked over to the Amazon page. The publication date is in May 2011, around the date of the Kentucky Derby, so for now we’ll have to settle for pre-orders. Thanks so far for the support and kind words from my friends on Facebook, Twitter, and my bricks-and-mortar family and friends. I mean it when I say this book is for you. It’s my gift to help anyone willing to pick up a sharp knife cook a few more fresh meals at home.  Here’s the Amazon page.

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1. It’s a good thing I paid attention in grade school when Ms. Burge taught about Roman numerals.

2. I also know the Greek alphabet but not for the same reason. Alpha, beta,…

3. We’re still eating and I’m still cooking although this past Tuesday when my YoungestApron turned 9, we were on the run at dinner time and he wanted hot wings and onion rings for dinner so I bought bags of onion rings and hot wings and heated them in the oven for him and cut up some celery and did make some fresh blue cheese dressing and we called it a birthday celebration. I’m sorry that sentence was so long but I felt I needed to let you know in one breath that it’s OK to deviate every now and then from fresh-cooked meals. I do. We all do. But, by and large, I try to cook fresh meals and that’s all for #3.

4. The Spring catalog for the University Press of Kentucky features a cookbook called The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook. It’s sure to be one book we’ll all want to have in our kitchen. When I figure out how to link to the catalog page I’ll do so.

5. The best male cook took TeenApron and TweenApron to the World Equestrian Games in Lexington today. YoungestApron is at school taking a spelling test, having gym, and preparing for an early dismissal. I feel bad he had school and that we were unable to attend WEG as one big happy GreenApronFamily, but here I sit manning the fort. Oh well, such is life. We’re going to go see Secretariat (the movie) instead with some of his buddies. Should be fun.

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