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Thanksgiving Help Lines

My countertops are covered with sweet potatoes, oranges, Yukon Gold potatoes, apples, and there’s a bag of cranberries in the refrigerator. This year we’re going to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving. I plan to bake a batch of my grandmother’s soft yeast rolls. What are your Thanksgiving specialities?

If you run into trouble in your kitchen this week, some of these phone numbers and websites might help. If I may give you my two cents: Thanksgiving is not a consumer-driven, gift-filled day, it’s about sharing a meal, plain and simple. Fill the day with some good food, good drink, and have a good time.

Butterball Turkey Talk: 1-800-BUTTERBALL (288-8372)

Empire Kosher : Poultry Customer Hotline: 717-436-7055

Fleischmann’s Yeast Baker’s Hotline: 1-800-777-4959

General Mills: 1-800-248-7310

King Arthur Flour Baker’s Hotline: 802-649-3717

Nestle Toll House Baking Information Line: 1-800-637-8537

Ocean Spray Consumer Helpline: 1-800-662-3263

Reynolds Turkey Tips Hotline: 1-800-745-4000

U.S. Department of Agriculture Meat and Poultry Hotline: 888-MPHotline (674-6854)


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University Press of Kentucky Spring 2011 Catalog

I keep referring the forces in publishing that push my book to completion regardless of what I do right now, for that’s the stage my cookbook is in. I tell the best male cook that if something happened to me tonight and I couldn’t see this cookbook to completion, he will. We’re in that deep. The manuscript is final, the illustrations are done, the book is listed on Amazon, and we now have a beautiful 4-color catalog. It included names like James Still, Wendell Berry, Thomas Merton, Nelson Mandela, and Monica Weis. Humbled does not even begin to describe how I feel. Honored is more like it. Here’s the link to the catalog for Spring 2011 from University Press of Kentucky. The whole catalog is worth a look, but I particularly like page 19.

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“Life Is Good”

Tomorrow the manuscript for The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook is considered final. I’ve combed through the edits made by an outside copy-editor and at this point have done all I can do. It’s time to turn the book over to the powers of designers to make this book all it can and will be.

Working with a copy-editor is both a liberating and humbling experience. I am grateful there are people like Linda who help books authors like me make sense of verb tense changes  and repetition in recipes.

In February 2008 the cookbook was not even a reality and in May 2009 the proposal I submitted for my cookbook was unanimously accepted at board meetings for the press. Now in November 2010 I’m 5 short months away from bound books – my very own cookbook. A dream come true. Next year will be filled with adventures as I get to have the privilege of meeting the wonderful people who buy the book and the fun of traveling throughout the state to promote the book.

In addition to the book, I’ve been working with a women’s business coach. I’ve worked through ideas for ways to market and brand my business The Green Apron Company and am very excited about 2011 for that reason too.

If you own a business or dream of doing something to make a difference in the world, all I can say is now is the time to do it. Time waits for no one. Days march on and kids grow up. Harness the energy you need to release something meaningful to the world. You won’t be sorry. I know, at least at this point, I’m not sorry.  Like the t-shirts say, “Life is Good”. Amen.

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